Director, Human Resources

The Role


The DHR will report to the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director and will be supported by a full-time Human Resources Specialist. As a leader of positive change, the DHR works closely with leadership and staff to create and implement efficient and effective human resources practices that support and advance the work of two organizations.


In partnership with the leadership of these two organizations, the DHR will create, implement, and manage human resources strategy, providing leadership at a local and national level in recruitment, employment, diversity and inclusion, compensation, benefits, retention, recognition, employee relations, data management, payroll integration, training, organizational and professional development, ensuring compliance with state and federal legal and fiscal requirements, best practices, and organizational policy.


The DHR will be adept with and/or excited about developing forward-thinking Human Resources strategies and practices, embracing new methodologies and technologies to position HR as transformational vs. transactional while constantly pursuing innovative and unique ways to approach the function.


Core Responsibilities


Strategy, Leadership and Policy

* Advise the senior leadership teams on the creation and implementation of human resource strategies and techniques, as well as the recruitment, assignment, retention, recognition, promotion, discipline, and dismissal of staff across two organizations, with consideration for the unique culture, differences, and similarities of each organization.
* Work closely with leadership to enhance and support workforce diversity, inclusion, and organizational culture.
* Work closely with senior leadership teams and managers to ensure effective and best practice supervision and evaluative policies with a cross-programmatic perspective.
* Develop, implement, and manage human resource policies and practices, ensuring that employee handbook is current and aligned with current regulations.
* Develop, implement, and manage employee communications related to human resources procedures, practices, policies, and programs.
* Work with senior staff at two organizations on professional development and succession planning for leadership and staff positions, aligning activities and staff cross-programmatic capacity with organizational needs.
* Participate in professional development activities to keep abreast of developments in the human resources field, particularly as they relate to healthcare advocacy.
* Serve as a model for excellence in responsiveness and customer service.
* Serve as a member of the senior management team (SMT) at two organizations.
* Participate in Board meetings and committees as requested by each organization.


Compensation and Benefits

* Develop, implement, and manage compensation strategies and programs that supports each organization’s unique strategic objectives, ensuring alignment where appropriate.
* Ensure cost-effective benefits package, and manage annual open enrollment, employee communications, broker relationships, and vendor contracts.


Recruitment and Retention

* Develop and manage a full-cycle recruitment program, including job description generation, salary range setting, development of a diverse candidate pool, coordination of recruitment and candidate selection process, reference checks, and offer preparation. Participate in interviews, extend offers, and ensure a current talent bank of competitive candidates.
* Manage the new hire orientation program and the on-boarding of new hires.


Employee Relations and Performance Management

* Develop, implement, and manage annual employee performance management system.
* Develop, implement, and manage policies and practices regarding progressive discipline, counseling managers on process and practice as needed.
* Manage employee dispute resolution process.
* Participate in the internship, coop, and fellow programs, ensuring consistency of practice and usage as recruitment tool.
* Manage employee terminations process, ensure required paperwork is complete, and conduct exit interviews, providing feedback to managers and leadership as appropriate.


Organizational Design and Development

* Propose human resources policy and revisions to organizational structure to COO and EDs.
* Identify and implement human resources best practices to obtain organizational goals and objectives. Conduct external benchmarks to ensure that each organization is current and competitive relative to its practices.
* Propose, design, and develop programs, workgroups, and practices that support a learning community and culture of high performance and excellence to ensure that each organization remains a desirable and competitive workplace.
* Cultivate a culture of curiosity, respect, support, personal learning and development, and fun for all employees.


Compliance and Administration

* Ensure organizational compliance with human resources-related legal regulations and requirements.
* Ensure accurate and timely administration of all tax-related filings, attendance tracking, leaves, EEO records, unemployment claims, COBRA filings, termination processing, and other routine functions.
* Maintain effective employee-related recordkeeping system that meets legal requirements.
* Oversee payroll processing and benefits administration.


Ideal Candidate


The ideal candidate must be able to demonstrate significant knowledge and successful leadership of all aspects of human resources management, and will have had a direct, positive impact on fostering an organization-wide inclusive, multicultural environment. Additional requirements include:


* Commitment to social justice and to the mission of the organization.
* Bachelor’s degree with at least 15 years of progressively sophisticated experience in all aspects of human resources management, including at least 5 years at the senior management or executive level (preferably within a health care advocacy or similar nonprofit organization). SHRM certification and advanced degree or equivalent experience welcomed.
* Proven experience cultivating, enhancing, and sustaining an inclusive, diverse, and multicultural workplace with the ability to work in fast-paced multicultural environments with flexibility and professional maturity.
* Ability to create, implement, administer, and evaluate best practices in human resources programs and services with a focus on efficiency and effectiveness.
* Ability to build relationships across a range of constituencies, including at the Board and senior management level.
* Proven experience with organizational succession planning and change management.
* Creativity and excellence in conflict resolution and negotiating, organizational and project management, and problem solving that recognizes and facilitates unique perspectives.
* Highly developed decision-making skills with proven success in ensuring equity and fairness within the work environment.
* Ability to handle individual and organizational issues in a confidential, professional, and expedient manner.
* Experience and competency with employee benefit and payroll administration.
* Experience managing vendors and contracts.
* Excellent oral, written, and interpersonal skills with a demonstrated attention to detail.
* Skills using spreadsheet and word processing tools with a basic familiarity with databases.


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